History of the company

1943 – 1949 years

The history of the “Zhytlobud-2” team began on October 5, 1943, that is, one and a half months after the liberation of Kharkiv from the German-fascist invaders. On this day, the Kharkiv Department of Military-Industrial Construction of the General Military Industry Building under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR resumed its work. After a number of renamings in 1964, the Office received the name “Zhytlobud-2”.

The war was not over yet, and the city began to revive and rise from the ruins. The Department was tasked with the restoration and construction of workshops of large industrial enterprises of the city.

During these years, the workshops and buildings of the tractor, turbine, aviation, electromechanical, “FED” and other Kharkiv factories were restored.