The company today

“Zhytlobud-2” is one of the leading developers of Kharkiv, a full construction cycle company. Our main specialization is the construction of residential buildings. The company is in the TOP-3 of the Kharkiv market in terms of construction volumes. Over the past 20 years, we have commissioned more than 40 residential complexes. All of them were handed over on schedule.

The company “Zhytlobud-2” was founded in 1943. Over the entire period of work, we managed to accumulate the necessary experience, which, in synergy with modern technologies and our own production, allows us to create a quality product, namely residential complexes, which were repeatedly recognized as the best in Ukraine.

We invest in the concept of a residential complex a little more than just a building with apartments in which you can live. All complexes built by TDV “Zhytlobud-2” have underground or surface parking lots, as well as a neat, green yard with children’s and sports grounds, small architectural forms and trees. All complexes have a video surveillance system that covers the entire territory.

One of our advantages is the use of modern technologies. We build complexes using monolithic-frame technology, which have the advantage of the possibility of free planning, namely, the absence of load-bearing walls. Therefore, our clients can implement any architectural idea.

In addition, houses built using monolithic frame technology are more durable. The service life of such a building is more than 100 years. An apartment is quite an expensive purchase, and if you buy real estate in a monolithic frame house, you can be sure that your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will be able to live in this apartment years later.

When buying real estate from “Zhytlobud-2” you are given the opportunity to receive installment payments for the real estate of your choice from our financial partners. You don’t need to go to the bank and think about whether you will be approved for a mortgage.

Choosing real estate from the developer “Zhytlobud-2”, you buy liquid housing at a favorable price, as well as the confidence that your complex will be guaranteed to be completed.

*the purchase of real estate means the execution of investment contracts with financial companies, in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Investment Activities”.

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