Information about the complex

Aerial photography of residential complex "Meridian"

  • Building address: intersection of st. Guardsmen Shironintsev – st. Friendship of Peoples
  • District: Northern Saltovka, next to the Severny-5 microdistrict
  • Class: Economy +
  • Type: The residential complex consists of four 19-storey point-type houses, nine 13-storey one-section houses, seven 16-storey one-section houses, service facilities are built into the basement floors. open type garages
  • Technology: monolithic reinforced concrete frameless frame. Walls in 19-story buildings: aerated concrete 375 mm, brick 120 mm, exterior painting. Walls in 13-story buildings: aerated concrete 400 mm, facade plaster and painting.
  • Project: ODO Zhilstroy-2
  • Customer: OK « Housing and construction cooperative “MERIDIAN PLUS”
  • General contractor: ODO “Zhilstroy-2”
  • Financing: through the Financing Fund construction
  • Manager: LLC “Kharkiv Regional Construction Financing Fund” (Lic. AE No. 199730 of 08/07/2014)
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